You and I
Could never see eye to eye
Cause you were always making his day
And you're always making me wait

I can see
The smiles that you gave to me
And taken back and meant for someone else
I don't know

But I guess it's slightly better than being alone
Getting half your saccharine kisses to call my own

When you say, "I'll never leave, rest assured"
It's the greatest lie I've ever heard
And I believe every word

I can see
The smiles that you gave me
Are faded and non-existent now
And so am I

And anyway it's gonna work out right for you
If you leave cause he's a better me for you
But if you stay there's something I must ask of you
If you see him again
Tell him you never wanna see him again
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See Him Again Lyrics

The Ergs! – See Him Again Lyrics