Maybe today or the day after that
Gonna have to come to terms with who I am
Not myself, rather with whom
Talkin' 'bout the folks in the other room

Round their door on the tips of toes
Kids at school figured out a while ago
Now they take turns at throwing stones
While I talk on the phone in whispered tones

Irony defined
Is the opposite of what you had in mind
If you need a context clue
This would be the example that I'd use
You call me weak and unnatural
I don't move an inch at all
I just stare you down and laugh it off

I guess it's easier to recite
Than to ever bother trying to get it right
No skin off my back will be losing sleep
Over the kin they decide to keep

Mom and dad are gonna throw me out
When I tell them what I'm all about
I got it sweet but I gotta blow
They all hate me and they don't even know it

I'm willing to accept what might happen today
I can't surrender without giving myself away
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Fin Lyrics

The Ergs! – Fin Lyrics