Boil your first born
Tighten umbilicus trachea snap
Last gasp of air
Paint a grey face on the oxygen tent
Buy the best seat
Roasted placenta and finger auderves

Stab her with knitting needles to kill her spawn
Untie genetics and hypocrisy

Douse this white meat
Oh so tasty
I like children dipped in gravy

Fry the left eye
Pull all the milk teeth and shave off the hair
Bake them in pies
I smell the blood of an infantile
Fee fi fo fum
Grind their bones to make my bread

In the fountain you were drinking
Spin the wheel and lay your hand down
Thrown away for asking pardon
Cast aside like a used condom
Hit the cupboard door with such force
You were laughing
I was only five
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Hard Boiled Embryos Lyrics

The Anarchists Pogo Party – Hard Boiled Embryos Lyrics