Oi Sheila I bet if I c** in a glass you would neck it
Strolling up Northdown Road
See you walking towards me
Gotta get this itch off gimme a smile for free
Don't want your dirty cup of tea
Sheila you know all men have needs
And you're offering yourself oh so cheap

Oi Sheila don't approach me walking the street tonight
I'm angry and I just want to fight
Here's 50p now get out my sight
Don't want your filthy herpes
Sheila just pick your knickers up from the floor
You know it's not funny no more
Gimme bush on my c*** don't wanna stop

Just need a quick fix for tonight I'm only human after all

Oi Sheila can't behave this way I've got a girl
I can feel the cold breeze hitting my arse cheeks
And girls like you never say please
Always looking for another squeeze
Sheila I can smell your last ten tricks
But I need someone to give me release

Just need a quick fuck for tonight

Oi Sheila I'm pleased to meet ya
You know I want ya but shouldn't see ya

Oi Sheila I fucking smell ya
I know I beat ya but god I need ya
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Oi Sheila Lyrics

The Anarchists Pogo Party – Oi Sheila Lyrics