Through this web of psychology
Glimmers disconcerting darkness
Sneers of progress pave my way
To your delusions of self worth
These demons between the lines
Sacrifice your bitter statement
Chewing chalk to save your breath
Your motion carries forth

Purge allegiance from me

Tie broken fingers round babies necks
Entomb your weary left wing
Liberal bullshit propaganda
Every word is etched into a sponge
Your fat disease soaks through my freedom
I don't owe any more to you
Won't you share another drink with me
You know it's time to fight

Spin out all your illusions
Take the seat back from your grace
Her hammer taps your spine
Blood spilt through broken memories
Will the empire fall from ignorance
And your silo rust and wait
Necking dreams from empty prisms
Your motion fucking dead

Fluid drowns my lungs gasping for release
From your selfish acts of terror-tory
Drown yourself in the blood of patriots

So take the chair and burn your flag
Watch the state fall from red to blue
Curse this democratic impotence
I'm screaming for your downfall
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The Purge Of Allegiance Lyrics

The Anarchists Pogo Party – The Purge Of Allegiance Lyrics