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Excursion Into Philosophy Lyrics

Teenage Cool Kids – Excursion Into Philosophy Lyrics

I've seen into your future
And I can see the things that you'll do
And I could never trust
You to disarm a bomb
'Cause you're just gonna sit
And watch this kid blow up
It's not because of me?
Well if you say so

Here's the chance that you have haunted
To do the things that you have wanted
Wear your clothes like you meant it[?]
When acquaintances were not a hundred
Empty bottles in your bedroom
Shoved in corners to make room for
A twin frame where you've hosted many
With blue sheets you would trade it all

A tree trunk for a twig [x2]
And two weeks alone is all you have to dig

I've seen into your future
And I can hear the things you haven't said
I read it in the book
That you keep hidden from me
You left it open when
I found you there asleep

Two years almost to this day
I sat where we once sat
Like I was visiting a grave
You told me here in confidence
The only time you got off is when
Your brother's friends threw rocks at you
And forced you to eat dog shit
And called you names you make
Your lovers call you when they're fucking you
You were 13 in 1992


I can keep my eyes focused
On the square of light on the floor
I can't keep my mind off
The framed picture on the wall

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