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Kickback Pt. 2 (Lay Low) Lyrics

Tay-K – Kickback Pt. 2 (Lay Low) Lyrics

[Intro: Unknown & Tay-K]
(Gang, bang)
Huh, who's there? (Gang, gang)
Huh? Well, what are you talking about? (Gang, gang)

[Verse 1: Tay-K]
Bitch, I'm kickin' down yo' door (Kickback)
Everybody get on the floor (Fa, fa, fa)
And, all these niggas hoes
Kickin' shit like Tae-Kwon-Do
And lil' Eli got Backdo'
We gone come through the backdoor
And, all y'all niggas lay low
This is a finagle (Gang)
And lil' shorty from the East
And she like to drops 4's (East)
And she don't want me finessin'
She want me to leave that alone (I can't)
But she wanna hold my choppa (She can't)
And take pictures on her phone (I can't)
She say she love Lil' Tay-K
I paint pictures like Van Gogh (I do)
And that nigga thought shit was sweet (Boom)
But it's sour like my smoke (Gang, gang)
And he mad at Juliet, because I'm her Romeo
And I'm always with Lil' Pimp (Gang, gang)
Even when we was in jail
But, they ain't call him Pimp in there
They used to call him Bell (Bell, gang)
And free Santana Sage
Cause he still locked in the cell (Gang)
Why these niggas on my dick?
'Cause I got a pending case
And it's ACNE on my jeans
But ain't no acne on my face
If you feel froggy, then jump
If you feel needy, then take
And that's all I gotta say (Gang, gang, gang)
Wise words from Tay-K, gang

Kickback, kickback, choppa, it's gon' kickback
Choppa, it go click-clack, I'm lookin' for the piss pack (Rug-Rat)
Kickback, kickback, Glock, it's gon' kickback
Choppa, it go click-clack I'm lookin' for the piss pack
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