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Bling Bling Lyrics

Tay-K – Bling Bling Lyrics

[Verse 1: Tay-K]
Bling bling bling
Pinky ring feind NEWPORT BOYZ don't fuck with me
Scott fell off in a [?]
Fuck the opps singing in the station like Glee
Heartbeat racing your a pussy lowkey
Put the TEC to your neck
"Where the fuck is the green"
Ski mask off so you know it was me
Shopping at Ross what your rocking not clean
Why can't I cough it's the Promethazine
Knockin' at yo door Pour a 4' for me
(Man hold up)
Pour some Aunt Jemima in my soda
Block getting hot need two Motorola's
Young Bitch on snap she's a bitch like [?]
Bricks a lil hollow, lil nigga like yoda
All these [?]
Got a forum kinda color

[Verse 2: Pimpyz]
My whip got the tints
So they can't see me when I sip (I sip)
You be talking shit while your bitch is at my crib
Do not associate with me (yah)
That's what's [?] me
Boarded up basically
I'm shining don't face me

[Instrumental Outro]
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