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Tom Cruise Lyrics

Tay-K – Tom Cruise Lyrics

This shit feel like a movie man
This is an Overdose exclusive
Bitch, don't overdose
I'ma pull up on your bitch with that fucking Prototype, nigga, you know what I'm sayin'?
That Mission Impossible shit, nigga
Aye, aye, aye
And we stay strapped up, nigga
Got them Glock 40s on me, you know what I'm saying?
Raisin', aye, it's wavy

[Verse 1: Tay-K]
Feelin' like Tom Cruise (woo), I am the Top Gun (woah)
Call me young Ethan Hunt (gang), turn the scene into a stunt (baow baow)
Feelin' like Tom Cruise (woah), make a blind bitch wet, mm
Sippin' on some more wet (s), catch me hanging off the jet (nyewm!)

[Verse 2: PiMPYZ]
Feelin' like Tom Cruise (Cruise), back in 1982 (82)
Don't make the gang turn fu (gang)
Some outsiders smoking boof (boof, boof)
Feelin' like Tom Cruise (white)
Catch me on the news (the news)
Rody balling with the two (two)
Went to Dubai to cop the goon (du-du)

[Verse 3: TheRealJavanchy]
Feelin' like Tom Cruise (cruise)
Out here with my troops (troops)
Just came from the moon (moon)
I think the too much goop (what's goop)
The situation gang too (situa')
Whipping foreigns with no roof (the roof)
Got your bitch in the back (the back)
She finna get the top too (the toppy)

[Verse 4: Rome the God]
Bitch, I feel like Tom Cruise (yeah), I be on a mission (aye)
I just poured up in that limited edition (skrt, bwah)
Bitch, I feel like Tom Cruise (nyewm), hangin' off a plane (whoa)
In the sky Vanilla while I'm swervin', switchin' lanes (aye)

[Outro: PiMPYZ]
Feel like Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise
I might pull up to your goons
Feel like Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise
We on the news
What you gonna do?
Hiding with my troop
Don't make us shoot
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