And storm replace the sun
As dark replaces light

Facade replaced my soul
As agony replaced my joy

But now I see
How time has veiled
The mirror to my mind

Ease replaced my self-esteem
As lethargy replaced my life

But now I feel
Time may have chained
My deepest point of view

Will be on my side
Will be my guide
When I realize
Who I am

Fallen frontiers
As narrowness fades
I will be there
To receive my amnesty

Into myself I'm falling
Entreating for a sign
Into myself I'm calling
The fears that take
- My sight

But now I know
I can unveil
The mirror of my mind

Will heal me again
And I won't look back
'Cause I realize
Who I am

No cage inside
No fence can hide
My way of grace
My release true absolution

Into myself I'm falling
Entreating for a sign
Inside myself I'm crying
The tears that clean my sight

To find myself I'm leaving
The claw of mind-control
Inside my head it's calling:
'Be free'
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Detect: Myself Lyrics

Superior – Detect: Myself Lyrics