A rainy day
A silent procession
Dismayed faces
And empty stares

Beside the cross
A hole in the ground
The preacher tries to speak
But not a word comes out

And now down there he goes
He goes

No sense in praying
The bible - worthless
The one who led you dropped your strings

Now that he saw there's no day without sorrow
Your father threw his life away
You'll have to pray to a new god tomorrow
Think twice about your choice
Because there's no life to borrow
You will pay

The churches raped
The bibles burned
The sup_songs died away
A new one came

And you adore him
Just like before
You give him all you've got but still he calls for more

You see his powers grow
They grow

New holy houses
New sacred books
A new religion built of fear

Now that he saw he can live without sorrow
Your new father made you live to pay
You never know what he'll want from you tomorrow
And nobody cares for the tears that you swallow every day

Come to me my brother
I wash your conscience clean
I am the solution, the fulfilling of your dreams

Soak away your power
Eliminate your brain
All that will be left: A nameless servant for my game

Listen to my sermon
Your mind is where I dwell
Out there on the streets there are a million souls to sell

Fall into dependence
Too late now for distress
Pay for all your sins and make me rich while you confess

I promise you'll live in the sunshine
I promise your dreams will come true
It's all up to you
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God's Funeral Lyrics

Superior – God's Funeral Lyrics