Thought agglomeration
To be swallowed whole
Brain constipation
Intolerable overload

Periodic heavy thinker
Addicted to the truth
Sent to the head shrinker
Bad case of sense abuse

Make sure there's not too much of mental fuel you drink in
Cause you might break the recommended speed of thinking

Free minded
Hold your head high
Not blinded
Open eyed
Wanna see it?
See the lie
Gotta look behind it

Time is money
Life's from eight to five
Money is the power
Determining your life

So if you're searching for a different situation
You oughta know sometimes there's only one occasion

So don't you Break it
Be blind
Just take it
What you find
Don't leave it
Feed your mind
You can make it

Take it don't break it - salvation's hard to find
Take it don't break it - regenerate your mind

A spoonful of spirit
Easy to digest
A mouthful of meaning
Flavoured by request

Soul food diet
Brain meal porridge light
Don't you want to try it?
Fat free state of mind

Clowns play kings
Leather office thrones
Pull your strings
Trying to break your wings

So if you're searching for a different way of living
Make up your mind and use the virtues that you're given
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Free Minded Lyrics

Superior – Free Minded Lyrics