Welcome tonight
This is my show
Tell me your questions and I'll let you know

Spotlight is set
Right to my place
So everyone in the world sees my face

I am prepared
To spread my will,
To give the people out there a new thrill

You ask me how
I dare to call
Myself the godlike redeemer for all

Is it pretence?
A big pack of lies?
The wolf in sheep's clothing, appearing too nice?

Frankly I am
Only a tool
Fixing diseases of people like you

Are you afraid
Of my visions,
That I give them a reason for change?

Do you feel
Lost and shaky?
Don't you know

Iґm the unwanted
Iґm your fear
Donґt deny it!

I am a thorn
In rotten flesh
Of rotten values
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The Unwanted Lyrics

Superior – The Unwanted Lyrics