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My Own Way Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – My Own Way Lyrics

Don't wanna throw away my brain like the others tell me to
This system will not work for me although it may work for you
I'm gonna break the chains, gonna let my spirit free
You can do what you wanna do
But don't impose your systematic ways on me

I'm doing the best I can to show you what I see
To express my true beliefs without everybody labeling me
I'm gonna stand my ground and fight for what I believe is true
And if you get in my way I'm gonna run, run, run right over you

Everywhere I look I see a biased point of view
Everybody imposes their way
But you never actually get to see what's true
You can never trust what the average people say
It fucking drives me mad how the people live in this world today

This is the path that I have chose
Questioning all authority and wearing tattered clothes
Punk rock is something flowing through my veins
And it wont allow me to throw away my brain
Oh yeah!
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