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Greek Youth Awake Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Greek Youth Awake Lyrics

Walking through the center of what used to be your town
The foriegners are many and the enemy is around
Your heart is for Ellada and the system you resist
The enemies are closing in but still we will persist
The bastards of the antifa are poisoning the Hellenic youth
Brainwashing them misleading them so they don't see the truth
Greek brothers and sisters you must open up your eyes
Don't let antifa brainwash you we must fight so Greece does not die

We are smart we see what's wrong
We’ll fight for justice because we are strong
Our struggle is for the utmost freedom
Join the nationalist's you must believe them
My blood is Greek I'll join the fight
To march with my brothers throughout the night
Freedom or death by those words I stand
To protect my ancestors homeland
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