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Glory Land Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Glory Land Lyrics

Invading bastards coming to this place screwing up my homeland and ruining
My day wearing stupid hats upon their heads when I get an oppurtunity ill
Fill em fulla lead european union what a bunch of fools their raping our
Economy and setting unjust rules our population sees right through their
Game we'll expose them for the frauds they are and press the rightful
Blame, fuck yeah! Crime and unemployment people in the streets its a
Sense of millencoli pain and great defeat suicides and homicides plauge the
Daily news the people have nothing to gain and nothing to lose what
Happened to this glory land that used to be so great now its nothing more
Than a
Ravaged land filled with violence and hate and so we go on and try to
Live our lives try to hide our tears of pain because we have too much
Pride, oh yeah... My glory land
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