How many times do you think that I have thought about the words for this song
Never been able to pen it. The words have just seemed wrong
You're worthy of expressing, worthy of my best and
You're a gift of God to me, you are my Mum
And we only get one

Never learnt self-sacrifice from anyone so well
You tried to make it paradise whilst living in your hell
Oppression, and with it depression, yet taught us all the lessons
In life how we should be, you taught us Mum
And we only get one.

Though times have changed, I'm older now
I can stand on my own
Yet I still recall the days of when
You guided us at home.
The way to treat our fellow man
And show our love for God.
I know I'm not the best example
By the path I've trod.

Supported my decisions stood beside me when others had gone.
Abandoned by the majority although now I can prove they were wrong.
Unswerving, you're deserving of the best that one could own
You gave us the knowledge of home, you are my Mum
And we only get one.
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We Only Get One Lyrics

Speirosmusic – We Only Get One Lyrics