You said you’re mine
You said you’ll be there ‘til the end of time
You said you’ll stay
You said you’d be there with me every day
What happened here my friend
Has time, it’s passing, reached it’s end?
You said to me
So many things that I just can’t repeat.

I said I’d try
To make this love so you won’t say goodbye
I said I’d be
The man to guide you to eternity.
My words they seemed to fade away.
I try but can’t do what I say.

Hear the vibrations of our sounds.
We speak our words they go around.
When we stand close the words are clear
We move away, the sound’s not near.

We said there’s love
We said there’s no-one else we’re thinking of
It stays the same
It feels like science plays a painful game
A voice in vacuum stands alone
No air to take the wavelengths home.
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The Substance Of Words Lyrics

Speirosmusic – The Substance Of Words Lyrics