No longer think about ya
I've learned to live without ya
No need to hear your shouting, no.
How I dunno
I guess I take it slow

Don't think too much 'bout problems
I know that we all got some
Somehow I stay on top of em. Oh,
How, I don't know
I guess I take it slow.

Sometimes the cold wind blows
The pain inside me shows

If you look for the answer
It ain't no belly dancer
Aint no cough of cancer Oh,
How I don't know
I guess I take it slow

Although the weather changes
Oh, the freshness of the breeze

You know it's love you're after
Still there when there's no laughter
Up high above the rafter, Oh
Well, I know!
Eight million people know

And if life turns unfair
Look hard. Your peace is there.

I hope you get there one day
You learn to live the quiet way.
Then you'll be able to say “Oh,
Can't let life go
I'm glad to take it slow.”
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Take It Slow Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Take It Slow Lyrics