She used to tell me I was the one
Now she’s gone
She bore my daughters and my son
Now she’s gone
One night with someone

I was so confident with my life
Now it’s gone
Dreams of forever with my wife
Now it’s gone
One night with someone

Yeah, we tried
But the dark angel took control
Threw me out
Tried to devour me whole

Now I look back at what has been done
And who won
Out of me, my wife and my children
I’d say none
A heartache helps no-one

And she
Doesn’t seem to regret a thing
Does she
Realise she used to wear my ring

I know in marriage two become one
Now it’s gone
One day she’ll realise her true friend
Has gone
To find a true someone.
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One Night Lyrics

Speirosmusic – One Night Lyrics