There’s life in us, if you know what I mean.
If you know what I mean, just no trampoline.
There’s life in us, if you know what I mean,
But the world’s not the same as when I was a teen.

I’d tell you, young lad, all the places I’ve been,
And the many inventions in my day I’ve seen.
But computers and keycards and new-fangled things,
Well, I don’t understand them; they’re just not my scene.


Once the milk came from cows, and the rivers were clean,
And we sat by a fire and spoke of our dreams.
But now fires are banned, and our milk’s from some bean!
Well, it isn’t for me man, it’s just not my scene.


I used to be healthy with plenty of steam.
Though my mind is still active, my body’s not keen.
And I struggle with loneliness, friends are unseen.
Well, I don’t understand it, it’s this same old scene.


Progression is halted, employment is lean.
We’ve got lots of experience, we built the machine.
But wisdom and knowledge, they’re useless has-beens
When compared to the labour as cheap as a teen.
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Old Man's Dirge Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Old Man's Dirge Lyrics