When I was doing music and learning the notes
There was one thing they taught that was difficult folks
They said that B had no sharp and C had no flat
And E and F they were the same as that
But life's gone forward and I've seen a lot more days
There are many perspectives and different ways
So the things that I've learned while travelling through
I'll share with you.

Be flat
Be sharp
Be anything thats good that flows from your heart
Yeah, be sharp
Be flat
And if you do your best be happy with that.
For life can take us oh so many ways
And noone can count ahead the sum of their days
So be sharp
Yeah, or be flat.

As I went through school there were so many rules
And they said there are a hundred million things I could do
I could make a career by being first in my sport
Or in science or art or selling things that I bought.
Then the tests and homework and the mountain of facts
I'm like “What the heck, I gotta go through all that???”
But this simple rule that got me through
I tell you

Ch x 2)
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B# Lyrics

Speirosmusic – B# Lyrics