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How She Moan Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – How She Moan Lyrics

When you moan (when you moan)
Girl you grown (girl you grown)
Keep on twerkin' ’cause I love the way you moan (they way you moan)
She on the phone (she on the phone)
Yeah how she moan (yeah how she moan)
Play with that pussy cause I love the way you moan
When you moan, Girl you grown
Pop that pussy ’cause I love the way you moan
Gonna ball yeah how she moan
Play with that pussy ’cause I love the way you moan

She a stripper (she a stripper)
I love the strippers (I love the strippers)
She a goddess so you know I gotta get her (gotta get her)
She was watching (she was watching)
All of my nigga's (all of my nigga's)
She was shutting down the club throwing figures (throwing figures)
She was shitting (she was shitting)
On all them strippers (on all them strippers)
Pull that ass to the side vibin' with it
She made it jiggle, (she made it jiggle)
Just a little (just a little)
Put my hand on that pussy it was drippin', (it was drippin' ho)
Then we left the club take her to her the house
Smokin' on some purp, she high as fuck, make that p**sy bounce
I’ma fuck it, beat that pussy up, I’ma knock it out
I don’t need to pay for pussy bruh that's what I'm about
Call another bitch that’s what up, now they making out
Now I finna get drunk as fuck, watch her eat her out
Then I finna make them suck me up, fuck em in they mouth
Man I swear that god they bad as fuck
Time to lay em out, lay em out


Bounce that ass (bounce that ass)
Like you fuckin' (like you fuckin)
Trickin' with your homegirls like it's nothing (like it's nothing)
Your ass fat (your ass fat)
And I love it (and I love it)
You got a pretty ass face and I want it (and I want it)
Swirl your hips (swirl your hips)
In slow motion (in slow motion)
While a nigga get you wetter than a ocean (than a ocean)
She ain’t joking (she ain’t joking)
She hella open (she hella open)
When she throw that pussy back I’ll be strokin' (I’ll be strokin' ho)
Like she got dancing on me poppin' that pussy for me
That may keep working and twerking your body on me
Moving that shit to the beat
Dancing and bouncing and twerking on something to see
You moving closer to me
Look how she doing on the pill, be making her tweak
Body be getting real weak
Look how she do it, she moving that shit like a pro
Dropping that pussy into the floor
Getting it into and moving her body some mo'
Look at how she dropping it low, this how I do it
She telling me we gotta go
Telling her baby let’s go, bout to get to it
I’m taking her back to my home
Babygirl now we’re alone, time to get stupid

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