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Long Day Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Long Day Lyrics

[Hook: SpaceGhostPurrp] x 3

We be stackin' money do that shit the long way
If he actin' funny shoot that bitch the long way
Nigga run up on me beat that bitch the strong way
The strong way, we gon' have a long day

[Verse 1: SpaceGhostPurrp]

???..we no play
???..we got them K's
Get the fuck up out my face
Just like a rook' you can't get laid
I don't stress I just get paid
Pussy nigga where you stay
All that flexing on the internet will get your ass sprayed
Late at night you better pray
Send them demons at your place
Laid down on the concrete you leakin' out your face
All my niggas smokin' haze
Purple shit can't feel they face
I be geeked up off the Actavis like it's the 5th of May


Gotta get straight
Money make the world spin like a 38
Knew a lot of niggas that would ? our cake
Just to eat good, put food on their plate
Gettin' this money you know I can't wait
? you know they gon' hate
Im the head of the gang nigga better catch up because boy you ?
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