[Verse 1:]
I light the sage
Purify my space
Cause I'm movin on, being strong

See I
Come to the end
Of looking for my lover/friend
A lifetime of broken hearts, birthday cards

So I'm
Surrendering, to the mystery
Of what seemed to be
You and me, got no time
To solve this crime, but

People say, love's on the way
But I'm jaded, jaded
They say, time will heal
The pain I feel
Still I'm jaded, jaded

[Verse 2:]
Call the saints
Help me with my faith
Cause I've given up, life's so rough

See I
Started to see that love's just not for me
No more prayin on if she's the one

So I'm
Closing the book
No more second looks
Of what seemed to be
Eternity, family
Lord please save me, cause
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Jaded Lyrics

Soul Folk – Jaded Lyrics