[Verse 1:]
Life is crazy sometimes I feel like I'm just going out of my mind
Ain't no pleasure in this pain that's why I hide all my fears inside
(I'm keepin it real, girl)
So you ask me what is wrong and I try my best-to explain
(This ain't no love song)
It's just a temporary chemical imbalance messin with my brain
(And I'm not feeling alright, no no)

Stop the world from moving
Can't hang with this groovin'
It's the day to day thangs be buggin me (oh no)
Like I'm havin a nervous breakdown
And it's kickin me in the worst way

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes you go through it all the money in the world can't fix it
Sunny days seem so blue feels like I lost a good friend can't deal with it
Anxiety attacking me through all my thoughts and my sanity
Finding it so hard to concentrate on love, life and creativity


Gotta just live my life
Then I'm gonna feel alright
No stressin and no more strife
Gotta make it feel alright
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Breakdown Lyrics

Soul Folk – Breakdown Lyrics