[Verse 1:]
I thought I'd write you a letter instead of this song but...
I thought you'd only forget

All the wasted time and long distant conversations to you
It was time worth spent

But you seemed so afraid of destiny
Or is it just your fear of family

Can't you just make your feelings clear to me
Cause I can't take this pain, no no no

When it rains (my heart is broke in two, and now)
Then it pours (I don't know what to do, baby)
When it rains (I've evened up the score, cause)
The love I had for you is no more

[Verse 2:]
I saw it coming a million miles away but I
I thought it was just a phase

Sometimes relationships seem to change from day to day
But I was willing to stay

Was I supposed to read between the lines?
A friendship to love was what I had in mind

But the world was waiting so you had to fly
And I can't take this pain

Should've realized your lies when you left before Valentine's
That's why they say shame on you, shame on me
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When It Rains Lyrics

Soul Folk – When It Rains Lyrics