This is goodbye
This is goodbye, forever
This is goodbye, forever

[Verse 1:]
No more crocodile tears and shady lies
I'm puttin' all this drama out of my life
You played the game too many times
So now it's time for me to say goodbye
(I gotta let you go, so)


[Verse 2:]
I remember when we fell in love (It was so special)
Like miracles, it was heaven sent from above
But dark clouds filled the sky and changed it all
Let's stop trippin' or both of us will fall
(This is how it ends) so


Bye bye my baby
Bye bye my baby
No more no more
Bye bye my baby


If you stood had stood by your man, I'd do all that I can, to make you happy
But you got scared, you started trippin on the little things
I wish we could see into the future, the house with the white picket fence, the kids playin in the backyard
But that's only fantasy, and now you gotta go... goodbye
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Goodbye Lyrics

Soul Folk – Goodbye Lyrics