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Process Lyrics

Slug Christ – Process Lyrics

[Verse 1]
KRK sysytems rockit powered five
In the bedroom on ableton live
Hit up piratebay for the melodyne
For High School graduation copped a USB mic
And my chord game so goddamn strong
Half diminished 7th that's the shit that I be on
My girl on my bed complainin'
Cuz I ain't trynna fuck I'm trynna finish this song
But I've workin' so goddamn long
Only takin' breaks when I was in rehab or locked up
Adaption over the waves
It's been nearly a decade
Adjust the frequencies
I do it more than frequently
Name the file with a final in parenthesis
Step back run it back
Mess somethings
Five hours later I think I'm done again or maybe
Those levels could use some adjustin'
I hit the floor when I stop
That shit goes hard when it drop
Damn I got skills
Time to pop some more pills
My girl went in other room to sleep
Sun came up seven clock in the mornin'
Damn somethings comin' my way
I can feel it comin' my way
But self doubt trumps everything
But self doubt overides

Self doubt swallow me
Ignore affirmative word
Self doubt trump everything
Maybe I should give it up

[Verse 2]
I could be Beethoven with my work in history
Or I could be Duchamp crossin' lines where I please
Anything you tell me's gonna turn to filtrate
What's a solid word
Theres no solid word
Been diggin' deeper deeper losin' sight of the Sun
But maybe if I keep diggin' I'll come out the other side
Just shut up bitch
I'll be away
It's delusional
It's delusional
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