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Omnifaded / Genocide Lyrics

Slug Christ – Omnifaded / Genocide Lyrics

Ambien oh Ambien you got me be
Slidin’ down my throat but I ain't really tryna sleep
Xannie bars oh Xannie bars you help me breathe
Self prescribed but I ain’t got anxiety
Olly, Olly, Oxy free
Where'd you go it's time to come out of hidin’
Codeine in my drank
Numb me, numb me up
But I can't feel no mortal pain

[Verse 1]
The commercial says that this pill makes you happy
Depressions super in right now but you think you'll feel tacky
And from what they all say they can fix anything you want changed
Your abnormal disorder will vanish you'll be deemed sane
From experience I know all of your options
If your SSRI’s ain’t workin’ try mollies
Faded in a coffin'
Me and Zepher always jokin’ bout stoppin’

[Hook] (2x)
Omnifaded think I’m gonna fade away
Omnifaded think I wanna fade away
Omnifaded watch me fade away
Omnifaded, omnifaded

[Verse 2]
Mary, Mary she always the answer
I'm vapin’ dabs of doja but I ain’t got cancer
Vyvanse from the kid up in the this Honda
I'm stupid geeked up but I ain’t tryna solve you problem
Doctor X got Cuba Gooding powder
He strapped thick paranoid like my mother
You Robbie, Robbie can I get some valium
I'm super chilled out but I'm tryna chill outer
The shit they say to make you go impatient
We'll cure you of addiction long as you fuckin’ payin’
Made me take another evaluation
Said I party on weekends I had the fake it
Silky, Silky front me a QP
I’ll have it flipped tomorrow if you throw an ounce for free
Dremel tool all over the Opanas
Sorry to my Boo and sorry to my Mama

[Hook] (2x)
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