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Young Ponyboy Lyrics

Slug Christ – Young Ponyboy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a hunna and they all on me homie
I'm cuddlin' with bitches boy I'm cozy
Wanna check my dick but that shit gon' and frozen
I slow, slow sip everyday it's slow motion
And now I'm up there in the sky hoe
Off the zan again I know I got a problem
You can talk to me if you got a problem
I ain't realy smart but I can solve it
Aye, aye, aye
I failed communicate
You ain't undertsand me when I saced out my waist
What go on my waist ?
50 bad bitches
Roll up to her party
Ain't no chance that I'll be missin' it
What I say ?
I was JK
Mix the sweet tea and lemonade
Couple hunna for the pack on me
I just wanna couple hunna racks on me
Ain't no racks on me
Boy that blasphemy
Ain't that shit a shame
We'll go in history
A date with history
That go with liberty
We got liberty
It ain't no liberty
Now throw it, throw it, throw it
Bitch do it for me
Buss it wide open
Slugga stay golden

Young ponyboy (12x)
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