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Rob Ya Bish Lyrics

Slug Christ – Rob Ya Bish Lyrics

[Hook:] (5x)
I promise I won't rob you bish, mane
I promise I won't rob you bish

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
100 million bitches I done hate 'em all
Ay, Makonnen, get this bitches all off me, bruh
Slugger, Slugger, Slugger
Came up with Archibald Slim, that's my brother
I'm just kiddin', we ain't releasted
But that guy is, happy birthday belated
I see you there bitch, trynna fuck on me
But you can't have none, bitch cuz you see
I'm sellin' crack and you Justin Bieber, like bitch


[Verse 2: Slug Christ]
I want you brunette and ebony
All on look like a referee

[Verse 3: ILoveMakonnen]
In the kitchen I cook recipes
Aunt Jemima, why you testin' me ?
Breakfast for diner, bitch have some cereal
Why you being so serious ?
Bitch what's the word? I like smokin' on the herb
I'm out fuckin' drunk drivin' on the curb
Oh, Shit! oh Bitch! did you call the police ?
I'mma crash into your house and wake up your little niece
You fuckin' bitch!

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