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Oath Lyrics

Slug Christ – Oath Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]

Yeah.... Yeah.. Sicko & Sluuuugggg.. check it..

Fuck a promise yo bitch ass said
I can't trust no one not even my self
Alla this and all that you mutha fuckas tell
Stick a cock in ya mouth 'fo you get impailed
Sent my ass to jail
Fuckin up probation so no chance for a bail
Gotta lotta options from the ballas pushin' pollin' there's a lotta economics in these 3 walled cells
Please.. get.. off this dick
I got enough pussy ion need yo shit
Way you run ya' mouth coulda swore you a bitch
But when you jerkin to my verses thats a shyamalan twist
I swear to god somethings wrong wit SB
Decapitating hoes post train in their sleep
Skinnin' these bitches and savin the skins is common occurrence when we with the team
Word around town I bought the soul of the Devil
You dont really know how the fuck I feel
Mushrooms wax balls oil rig I'm god
Carl Sagan smokin junts with that Glock concealed
Get a grip brah
You a simp fuck
Chained up to some pussy like a collar
You a ho bitch all hollow
No depth just thirsty ass hollas
I got the work I can front you the trees
Slit the goats throat as I'm poppin a bean
Beelzebub flow got the Devil in me
Call me Slug God but like a demon
Tell me you made an oath
Tell me you blessed bitch I could care less 19 bitches depressed

[Hook: Slug Christ] Oath......
Dishonorable lion........

[Verse: 2]

(SB growls)..

Yeah, word around town I made a deal with the Devil
You don't really know how the fuck I feel
Xanax, Prometh, Codeine, don't stress
Got everything I need when this shit gets real
Who the fuck you gon' kill ?
Shit not me, only got ONE soul so I set mines FREE
Put your homeboy's face on a large white tee
Did it all in a week
Only cost a slight fee
You just made cause you see that the Sun on the rise
It's dark in my soul, but the hates in your eyes
Six feet bitch, make you lay in your lies
Puerto Rican Chica let me lay in her thighs
You payin' ya' ties ?
That shit ain't enough
I see your disguise, I'm calling your bluff
You see the blue skies ?
You ain't looking up
Ya' ass lookin' down. now visit the ground
Slug is the plug he can send me the pounds
Call up Mayweather to send us the rounds
My Oath is in blood
I'm painting your town
I'm living my dreams, just look at me now
Yeah.... I'm living my dreams, bitch look at me now
Yeah..... bitch..


Word around town I sold my soul to the Devil
You don't really know how the fuck I feel
Keep it 100, put my soul to the pedal
You don't really know how the fuck that feel
Shots to ya' chest, put ya' soul to the metal
I don't give a fuck how the fuck you feel
Take what I want cause this shit ain't free
I don't give a fuck about what I steal
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