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Chemicals Lyrics

Slug Christ – Chemicals Lyrics

Shwee shwee shee shih
Yaaaa I'm lookin' for the chemicals
Mixin' up them chemicals

[Verse 1]
Slugga got a body full of chemicals
And he still lookin' for the chemicals
They say that I'mma criminal
It's more like gettin' spiritual
I'm mystical I'm whimsical
They call me lackadaisical
I mix 'em all up mane that's the fuckin' ritual
You see this fuckin' crowd around me?
They wanna see a miracle
I'm gettin' kinda nervous
So I'm gonna pop these chemicals
I'm just a young God tryna get straight
All these fuckin' mortals gonna hate cuz I'm gettin' paid
And oh yeah ya bitch I naturally inseminate
All these police they tryna incriminate a Slugga

[Verse 2]
Chemicals in me cuz I feel blue
Bitches I don't know tell me I love you
Fetti, fetti, fetti on me not you
Lots of bonita chicas which one I'mma fuckin' chose ?
I don't know
17 gutta punk in my crew
Don't make no wishes cuz they ain't comin' true
Swag surf
I'mma fuckin' gnarly dude
Charles Manson on the a fuckin' Harley dude
Fuck a chopper got a chopper
And it's gettin' rude
I won't kill over money just revolutionary
Boy shit is gettin' scary
Shit is gettin' really fuckin' scary
Slugger pretty fuckin' scared
Good thing I never fuckin' cared

Bright eyes wheres the kid with the chemicals
I shine bright I'm prolific and I'm seminal
Oh I'm Super Sonic swaggin', ridin' missiles
(really fuckin' fast!)
Slugga been fucked since the beginnin'
I don't keep no strap but fam got pistols
I'm on that love shit but they all spray no issue
Do we got a issue ?
I try to act normal but I'm fuckin' abysmal
Me and Lord Narf got a dark crystal
We be summonin' them demons we don't give a fuck
On occult shit ah we on occult shit
Anyways wheres my fuckin' chemicals my chemicals

[Bridge ]
I would really really love some
I love you
I should probly stop but I love that shit too much

[Hook 2]
Chemicals chemicals chemicals chemicals
Chemicals inside me bruh
Chemicals at my funeral
I need the chemicals
Mixin' up chemicals
What's the cause of Slug God's funeral?
Mixin' up chemicals mixin' up chemicals

I should probly stop but I love that shit too much
I should probly stop but I love that shit too much
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