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Masochistic Lyrics

Slug Christ – Masochistic Lyrics

Sometimes even the moonlight hurt my eyes

[Hook] (2x)
Masochism, masochism in my face
Masochism, masochism all damn day
Masochistic y'all don't wanna feel my pain
I'm turnin' masochistic I got y'all to thank

[Verse 1]
I been fightin' demons for so goddamn long
In the process I might a become one
When I walk up gaspin' all the jaws drop
Got some hunnids cuz I showed up
Off the fuckin' porch yeah I just throwed up
Quick sippin' on that purple God I'm tored up
I'm so tore up, tore up, I'm so tore up
She came in my room and now I'm in her orifice
She tryna make me fall in love
Well good luck to you bitch I been tryin' for sometime
Young salted Slug, there's nothin' left to love
Masochistic so masochistic
I'm crying through this penance, sorry God

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2]
I just cried a river and swam to the ocean
I drowned inside myself I drowned inside my head
I couldn't give up that's just not in my blood I'mma blue flame
I scooped all ya bitches and flew away
I'mma do it my way, no other way will ever work
People say I'm crazy, I think this world is crazier
I think you bitches is shadier, I just wanna fly away
But I've grow so masochistic I can't do nothin' else but stay

[Hook] (2x)
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