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I'm Gonna Burn Lyrics

Slug Christ – I'm Gonna Burn Lyrics

[Hook] (8x)
I'm gonna burn

[Verse 1]
Out of the way
Unredeemable and everyone knows it
Locked doors all alone with pills posted
I get scared when I picture that shit open
Keep you distance, I don't want you hopin'
I can decide if I want paradise
And judgin' by my actions I won't suffice
It's not my problem, shit it's not your problem
This shits so stupid cause under it all nothin', nothin'
Remember me as I was not as I am
Been stuck under crosses naive to the situations at hand
Been treadin' up mud, been treadin' up mud, kin-kin ' for land
Found my arms up in air, herron in hand
At the end of it all and I know what to do
Backed in a corner, theres nothin' to lose
Hang it up high slip, my neck through the noose
Step off a chair and this what I'mma do

[Hook] (16x)
I'm gonna burn
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