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Viral Lyrics

Slimesito – Viral Lyrics

K$upreme on the beat, ayy
50'd up on Gangway right now, nigga
Ayy, free the gang
Put your ass on the news, make you go viral, nigga
Sito, Sito, Sito

Racks up in my pocket (Racks)
They look like a [?] (Brr)
Your bitch in rotation, she up in my cypher (Rotation)
Used to be the gang, but now you a rival
If he actin' up, it's death on arrival (Bah)
With the stick, you know that I'm sendin' spirals (Sticks)
Put that nigga on the news, now he viral (Brra)
Put that nigga on a shirt, now he viral
I got bitches, they so bad, they go viral
I'm up in the trap, I'm workin' them hours
I post on the block like the fuckin' Twin Towers
You rap 'bout that shit, but you really a coward
Smokin' Skittles, I don't smoke on no sour (Skittles)
Ten bricks of coke, I cut it with flour
Shoot a nigga up like he took a shower
DC, I gotta trap out the White House (DC)
Backwood my blunt, I don't smoke no White Owls
Real killers, they don't care about no damn clout
Real slime, I was raised in the trap house
Got money, now these bitches on dick now
Niggas hatin', but I don't know what that shit 'bout
So many straps, I got them from down south
Ice on me, now I look like a lighthouse
Slumped up on the floor, the way he gon' get found (Slime)
Plottin' on your trap, but now it's a takedown
Compact Glock and that shit got twelve rounds
I'm a rockstar, I feel like Steve Brown (Rockstar)
In the kitchen and I'm breakin' down ten pounds
Jefe on the block, that's word around town (Jefe)
Shot the stick 'cause I'm in love with the gun sound
Waitin' on the mail, I'm scorin' them touchdowns
UPS the pack, the way that it came in (UPS)
Pocket full of blues and all of them dead friends
Double down, I got a Glock and a FN
I keep that glizzy, man, that shit is my best friend
Sold him paint, so the cut, it was so thin
Slimed a nigga then pulled off in a new Benz (Slime)
Shoot at that nigga with a mini MAC-10
Hit a nigga, yeah, we catchin' them wins
Chuckin' up the west, we bangin' like Bompton (West)
Big Bs, but I ain't talkin' 'bout Boston
My niggas robbin' 'cause they didn't have no option
Shooter in the cut, he clutchin' like Thompson
Hit him with the flex, he thought it was Watson (Flex)
Slimed that pussy nigga deep out in Austin
Niggas ballin' out just like Joe Johnson (Ball)
Sticked up all the time, I'm keepin' it often
Undefeated with that strap, I'm not lossin' (Undefeated)
Everywhere I go, I know that they watchin'
Glizzy on me when a nigga out shoppin'
Gotta watch these hoes, they hood hoppin'
Posted with the gang, you know it's no floppin' (Gang, gang, gang)
Fuckin' two bad bitches, then I start swappin'
I got your bitch with me and she here toppin'
Double down sticks, yeah, I'm havin' some options (Sticks)
50 band gang, you know how I'm rockin' (50)
Fuckin' with the gang, you a dead man walkin' (Gang)
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