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Made Man Lyrics

Slimesito – Made Man Lyrics

EVK on the
Know how the fuck we rockin', nigga
Yeah, Sito, Sito, Sito

I been on the block since way back then
Glock 9 on me, man, it's my best friend (Nina)
I just did a drill up in a red Benz
Walk up in the trap, I got the FN
Slimed him for his shit, now he want revenge (Slime)
I stay high as fuck like Redman (Redman)
In the foreign car and I got the MAC-10 (Foreign)
Got the cash money like I'm Birdman (Birdman)
New school whips the only thing that I'm in
Pull up in your hood, I got the yop stick
50 rounds and that shit got hollow tips (50)
All my hitters, they be catchin' them hits
All my young niggas be slimin' for bricks (Slime)
Pistol on me with that see-through clip
I do what I want, you know I set trip (On gang)
Don't let me have to come off the hip
Everyday, you know I'm takin' the risk (Everyday)
If I leave the house, you know I gotta trip
If I see 12, you know it's time to dip
If you run off, hit him with the stick (Brra, brra)
Double cross a nigga for a couple bricks (Double cross)
All my niggas totin' automatic sticks
Set that nigga up, I did it so quick
Shot that nigga with that all black SIG (Brra)
Sky the limit, now I feel like B.I.G. (Sky the limit)
Sippin' on this lean, I don't drink gin (Lean)
Posted with the gang, I don't do friends
Pistol on me, but it's not a trip
50'd up, you know that we gon' win (50)
Free my nigga Ju, they gave him ten (Juju)
On the block countin' dividends (Dividends)
All my niggas 'round me gettin' them in
Mob ties, all my niggas made men (Mob ties)
I'm double down, I got two MAC-10s (Double down)
Free money, I just got a new Benz (Free)
Free all my niggas that's in the pen (On gang)

EVK on the
On gang
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