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Vado Lyrics

Slimesito – Vado Lyrics

Yeah, man, you know how I'm rockin', man
I'ma fuck with my plug, man
Talkin' foreign language and shit, man
Fuck, gang

I'm on the phone, talkin' to Carlos
I'm in the trap and I'm flippin' blanco
I got that pistol on me, I ain't solo
VVS diamonds and you know they claro
These niggas know I'm slime like I'm Vado
Shoot from Jamaica, nigga, like Mavado
Catchin' plays in the bluff like I'm Ralo
Double down pistols and they both got hollows
I might just do 'em dirty like I'm Alpo
I'm slimin' these niggas, I don't got no sorrows
I hit for the money, lookin' like the lotto
I got a lil trap and that shit on Marlo
Yeah, I remember this, you stay on Largo
Back in Maryland, nigga, movin' like Marlo
PG and I was livin' in Toledo
You can ask the streets about Lil Sito
Now my plug callin' me gringo
Money on the table, this ain't no bingo
All gold chains on me like I'm Nino
Just shot up your uncle El Camino
All blue hundreds stacked up in my B-roll
Shot three niggas, I ain't talkin' CeeLo
Keep the fire on me and I got a PO
Smokin' on the pack and I got a PO
Had a nigga lost in the water, Nemo
All the gun smoke, I learned that shit from Rio
All that other shit, I learned that shit from Leo
All that tough talkin', now you gettin' creole
Just fucked on three bitches, that's a trio
Just popped a nigga, now he on the 'visión
Young shooters and they hoppin' out the GO
I call them shots like I'm Tarantino
Drink strength good, but this ain't no casino
With the plug son, I call him Lil Carlito
All green hoodie and this shit Marino
I got the migos, my trap'll hold Deebo
Just took your shit from you like a repo
Blowin' down windows, shootin' out the Regal
Lookin' for your bitch, now she duck on migos
Gettin' to a raise, you ain't gettin' zero
Ayy, on gang
I'm really gang, gang, free my nigga Primo
Fuckin' on his bitch, now she use my lingo
All black nina, that shit lookin' emo
Get a nigga nine like I'm in gambino
All my niggas runnin' niggas down like Chico
Poppin' wheelies on a bike, I feel like Rico
Took a nigga pack, I hit him with the krisco
All red drippin' and I'm rockin' sicko
Caught him down bad, lackin' at the Citgo
Lil bad bitch with me rockin' Rick Owens
Pop that nina, I don't hold no 4-0
Try to run up on me, nigga, that's a no-no
AR-15 with the drums like go-go
Saint Laurent jacket, nigga, this ain't Polo
Two Glocks on me, nigga, and I'm dolo
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