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Gordo Lyrics

Slimesito – Gordo Lyrics

Yeah, you know how I'm rocking, nigga
50'd up, nigga
Sito, Sito, Sito

I'm on the block and I'm with them shooters
Call the plug Gordo 'cause he look like Buddha (Gordo)
All the blue hundreds, yeah, I'm getting to it
Five bricks and they fronted, finna move it
Had to take him off, that nigga made me do it (Ayy)
Shoot you in the face, don't make me have to prove it (Brra)
Just sent a hit, now I feel like Boosie
Shooting up your scene like a fucking movie (Brra)
I feel like Queen Latifah toting on this Uzi
Set that bitch off, then pull off in the dually (Set it off)
Been up on gang, nigga, you can't school me (On gang)
Living so fast, this shit like a movie
Quickdraw shit, I hit him with the toolie (Quickdraw)
Fuck your big homie, both of y'all some goofies
I see through that shit, nigga, you can't fool me (See through)
Robbed my last plug 'cause he tried to use me
Hopping out foreign whips, got 'em choosing (Foreign)
How you a shooter but you never shooting?
Shooting shit up, but that nigga not hooping (Brra)
Fifty gang shit, you better know it's the movement (Fifty)
Y'all niggas on the block fuck that persuin it
All these racks, but I ain't get it off music (Racks)
In the new-school car, I don't like them old whips
Just did a drill in a motherfucking M6
Got some new guns and I still got my old shit (Guns)
Everybody in my gang, they on that slime shit (Slime, slime)
Set that shit up, man, I just got your shit hit (Brra)
Counting up free bands and, yeah, I got free bricks
Take your ass off 'cause I stay on that freak shit (Yeah)
Got your lil bitch and that ho on that freak shit
If he act up, he get hit with the whole trip (Brra)
Got some young slimes and them niggas move so slick (Slime, slime)
Got a new stick and that shit got some dumb kick (Stick)
AR-15 and that shit got some good grip (Ayy)
If you disrespect, then I get your ass dipped (Brra)
Young niggas in the hood, you know they set trip (Sito)

You know how the fuck I'm rocking
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