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Foreign Shooter Lyrics

Slimesito – Foreign Shooter Lyrics

[Intro: Beezy B & Slimesito]
My nigga J Rich mixed it right, you goddamn rap, you fire
You already know we on Gangway right now, nigga
50'd up, nigga, on gang
Twin Glocks, nigga, twin ARs, bitch, 50
Sito with me right now, nigga
Pull up, bitch
Sito, Sito

Two pistols on me when I'm in the Dooley (two pistols)
The way that I live, man, that shit like a movie
I got my own hitters, you cannot recruit me (hitters)
F&N on me, you gon' have to shoot me (F&N)
Stick and the MAC, but I ride with the Uzi (stick and the MAC)
So many trips, man, it's like Call of Duty (trips)
Kickin' shit in the trap, but I ain't Bruce Lee (Bruce)
I'm in the streets and these niggas salute me (streets)
Wipin' that nigga down, but I ain't Boosie (wipin')
Free Stunna, yeah, he move like a genius (free Stunna)
Shoot up your set, like I'm like Clayco Houdini (brra)
Gas bags, you came in and they reekin' (gas bags)
Got a Spanish plug and he Puerto Rican (Spanish plug)
Got a bad bitch and she is Dominican (bad bitch)
Plug on the bricks and that nigga sendin' 'em
Truck load and it's filled up with 50 of them (truck load)
Hell yeah, and you know I get 10 of 'em
Young niggas always gon' trap out the residence (trap)
Got a shooter and that nigga a Mexican (cha)
Try this one time and my niggas they catchin' him
If I catch an opp, then you know that I'm passin' him (brra brra)
Stick on me all the time, I am not wrestlin' (stick on em)
Toe tag that nigga, you know that we stressin' him (toe tag)
Shooters on payroll, you know I'm selectin' them (shooters)
They in the cut and they wearin' them murder suits (in the cut)
Sito and 14, you know that I'm forcin' them (14)
I put that on Gang, my hood like Columbia (on gang)
Ride with two Glocks on me, you know that I'm doubled up (two Glocks)
I'm in first place, nigga, you is the runner up (first place)
If I don't got the shit, then I'ma take it
I got some shooters and they from Jamaica (shooters)
40 on my hip, this ain't no tazer (40 on me)
50 round drum and that shit got a lazer (50)
If you disrespect the gang, they gon' spray you (disrespect)
I got that work and I'm servin' my neighbours (work on me)
All of my niggas, they pullin' them capers
All of my niggas, they reckless behavior (aye)
Nigga run the town, just like a mayor
50 band gang, we ain't doin' no favors (50)
In LA, ballin' out like the Lakers (LA)
I ain't no hero, so, no, I won't save her (nah)
I'm fuckin' that bitch and I heard that you date her (gang)
All black Glock 40,it look like Darth Vader (on gang)
Two bitches with me, you know I'm so player (on gang)
I get to the money, don't care 'bout no hater
Shoot your partner then pull off in a Vapor (brra)
Just slimed a nigga and he from Decatur (slime)
Countin' this money but I ain't no banker (frrt)
I ain't no dealer, nigga, I'm a taker
I feel like Noriega when I'm in Panama (Noriega)
Got them diamonds on me, they came from Africa (diamonds)
I got this shit through the airport, so I'm taxin' 'em
Dirty stick on me and it came from Russia (dirty stick)
I am not arguin' with niggas, ain't fussin' (nah)
Kick down the door to the trap and we bustin'
Stick with a fuckin' attachment, adjustin' (brra)
Can't fuck your bitch 'cause that ho is too dusty
Bags in the mailbox and those bitches musty (bags)
223 hit you, you better be lucky (brra)
Switch up the trips 'cause they started gettin' rusty (trips)
I got that 30 on me, look like a ruler (30 on me)
Finessin' these niggas, I feel like Young Scooter (finesse)
I got a shooter and he came from Cuba (foreign shooter)

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