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10 Glocks Lyrics

Slimesito – 10 Glocks Lyrics

[Intro: Fluhkunxhkos]
We on Gangway right now, nigga
10 Glocks, 3 niggas in this

[Verse 1: Fluhkunxhkos]
I don't know why these fuck niggas hate (For real)
I get money, I guess they can't relate (You what)
Fuck nigga, take me to the safe (On gang)
Diamonds drippin' like they been by the lake (Bitch)
I don't fuck with these niggas, they fake (For real)
You ain't talkin' money, nigga, then skate (On gang)
Big Blood, but I'm not from LA (Whoa)
Still put a pussy nigga on a plate (On gang)

[Verse 2: Slimesito]
Hit that nigga with the 38 (38 Special)
Five shots, so I'm not tryna play (Five shots)
I ride with that fuckin' stick everyday (Ride with the stick)
I got a plug and he live in the Bay
These niggas actin' pussy, they afraid (On gang)
Young niggas on the block goin' insane
Sticked up like a military base (Sticked up)
Red beam and it's aimed at your face (Red beam)
Local joker, nigga, I'm state to state
50K just to drop the case

[Verse 3: Beezy B]
Stupid ass nigga, fiend for that rerock
Paid shooters, just got the whole block knocked (Frrr)
Can't come outside, I got the whole block locked
.223s poppin' out like Push Pops (.223s)
Stick hit his ass, now he a patient (Stained him)
Old money, nigga, this shit is ancient
Triple cross, they callin' me Satan (Triple cross)
Five kis and they hid in the basement
Shooters wrap you up for all of that fakin' (Shooter)
See you in person, nigga, you started shakin'

[Verse 4: Fluhkunxhkos]
Better stay focused and get this shit straight (Focused)
'Fore your stupid ass end up gettin' ate (Your ass)
Better move, get the fuck out the way (On gang)
All my youngins on the block, they gon' spray (Bitch)
Hit that nigga with the motherfuckin' Drac' (Brr, bow)
Shoot that nigga in the motherfuckin' face (Bow, bow)
My niggas on Gangway be slimin' all day (On gang)
Don't bome around here, nigga, you know you not gang (Bitch)
Shoot a nigga, I don't care what he bang
I think niggas mad that I fucked on they main (For real)
I'm the same nigga, I swear I can't change (You know it)
You niggas better stay in your own lane (Gang)

[Verse 5: Slimesito]
Wiped his nose, he was too lame (Wiped his nose)
X'd his ass out 'cause he was in the way (X'd him out)
50k posted on Gangway (50)
Totin' on this stick I got in his bitch name (Sticks)
He was lackin', now he on 448 (Lackin')
Got them shooters hoppin' out of the straight A (Shooters)
Hundreds on me, lookin' like it's my payday (Frr)
Hop out with the stick and I'm goin' rampage (Brra)
Chopper hit him, I just did him the worst way
I'm with the slimes and they throwin' up Gangway (Slime)
143 and I'll shoot at your whole gang (43)
So many bitches, I got 'em on rotate (On gang)

[Verse 6: Beezy B]
Hit him up, now he on a stretcher (Hit him up)
Tried to set me up, he thought he was clever (Ha)
Front page him, now he got his exposure (Front page)
Slime for days, nigga, I finally got closure (Slime)
Shootin' shit up like a Navy soldier (Frrr)
Klepto, wipe your nose and your face (Klepto)
Stash a P in my grandmama vase (Stash it)
Double down only way I feel safe (Double down)
Dead man walkin', man, you finna get burned
Shoot a nigga if he step on my turf (Frrr)
Lame ass nigga, I ran off with your merch (Ran off)
All my shooters pop pills, go berserk (Go off)
All that sneak dissin', your face on a t-shirt
Lame ass niggas better run to the preacher (Lame ass nigga)
The way this stick hit him, it's like a heat-seeker (Stick)
Smoked him all, I thought he was reefer (Smoked him)

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