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Britical Lyrics

Slimesito – Britical Lyrics

[Intro: Slimesito & Beezy B]
Welcome to Clayton County
Gang, you know I'm 50'd up, nigga
How the fuck I'm rockin', nigga
Niggas still on Gangway, nigga
F&N, 50, sippin' Hi-Tech, nigga
On gang

[Verse 1: Beezy B]
AR 15, I'm not fearin' you (AR)
Took down your trap, had to belittle you
Now I'm up as fuck and you lookin' miserable (now I'm up)
Stick hit 'em, now the scene lookin' critical
Street nigga, man, I'm not gon' be lyrical (street nigga)
Lil nigga, man, you know I'm inferior (lil nigga)
Look when I talk to you, I am superior
Put you down 'cause you ain't met the criteria

[Verse 2: SlimeSito]
Chopper hit him, now his ass look invisible (brra)
I'm in the lab, man, I'm mixin' them chemicals
Fuckin' on 2 twins, them bitches identical (twins)
I'm with 50 slimes and the niggas briminals (50)
Slime him out his shit, so pitiful (slime)
Hit him with the Draco, found his ass critical (brra)
High rankin', all my niggas they generals (high rankin')
I don't politic 'cause I ain't political (nah)

[Verse 3: Beezy B]
All my niggas, man, they playin' with instruments (all my niggas)
Stick with drums, my young niggas hittin' it
All my niggas high rankin', lieutenant (high rankin')
Put money on your head now you got ended (huh)
High on the balcony, I feel suspended (high as fuck)
Broke nigga, no, I cannot lend it (nah)
Stick hit you, now you out of your feelings (stick)
All that pump fakin' and all of that bitchin'

[Verse 4: SlimeSito]
AR 15 and it's takin' off inches (AR 15)
Niggas slick dissin', but not specific (slick dissin')
Gold on me like I won the Olympics (national)
Red beam on the Glock, hit bro from a distance (red beam)
Keep that stick on me, I'm on a mission (six)
Fuckin' with me, man, that's serious business
Gotta watch out, niggas actin' suspicious (on gang)
Glock 40 and that clip is extended

[Verse 5: Beezy B]
Triple cross another boss, I'm like [?] (triple cross)
Shot him in the stomach, can't use the shiv
These real diamonds, shit hittin' like glitter (diamonds)
Bitch missed out, I know that she bitter (bitch)
Posted in the trap, stay with real killers (posted up)
Shot him in the face for touchin' my skrilla (frrt)
Fuck monkeys, my niggas gorrilas
Free stains, my niggas gon' drill ya (frrt)

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