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Krisco Lyrics

Slimesito – Krisco Lyrics

On gang
Know how the fuck we rocking, nigga
Yeah, 50

I got out the mud, gettin' to the pesos (Pesos)
Everyday, catchin’ plays by the Citgo (Citgo)
Bad days, slang around, ridin' with Krisco
I had just robbed a nigga by Valero (Ayy)
I'm gettin’ money, talkin' 'bout dinero
Bought five guns, got it out an arrow (Trips)
These niggas be totin' pistols, but they scared though
Back to back whips and I'm right on Melrose (Melrose)
High rank lifestyle, livin' like a Pharaoh
Do a drill, then pull off in the Camaro (Brra)
Two trap spots and they both on tear
Put you on the news, make your ass a header (On gang)
Two bitches, but them bitches not together
FN on me lighter than a feather (FN)
50'd up, yeah, I'm on this shit forever (50)
Brodie got shooters and they on [?]
Everybody in my entourage a hitter
Two pistols on me, I will not surrender
Got a lil’ slime bitch, she a go-getter (Slime)
She’ll set a nigga up for some real niggas (Yeah)
Just shot a nigga, then I threw the pistol (Brra)
I'm back on the Southside and I’m smokin' Skittles (Brra)
I been hittin' stains since I was real little
These niggas talkin', but they not official
I hop out with Carlos and I’m gonna hit you (Carlos)
Back to Backwoods, feelin' presidential
My shooters so throwed, I made them niggas mental
I'm still havin' racks up on me when the rent due (Racks)
I was well-known in the schools I went to
Serve an unc' on the block, he call me nephew (Unc')
Hit his ass with the swipe, he thought it was jet fuel
Run your ass off the block, I don't respect you (On gang)
I just paid your shooters, now they turned against you
Drugs on the block, pumpin' like a vessel (Drugs)
Try to run off, but they still gon' catch you
.223s foldin' niggas like a pretzel (Brra)
Slimed your foreign bitch, now she don't respect you

On gang, 50
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