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The Visualz Lyrics

Siah & Yeshua DapoED – The Visualz Lyrics

For the am for the fm
For the Am for the fm
Yeah Yeshua Da Poed (yeah) Siah
Bout to set it like this what

Physical angelic being Yeshua the Po ed in
The process of freein minds from all the nonsense
Ejected but unperfected rhymes design
My self elected mcs who thought they wrecked it it's time to
Really get down to the writin before recitin
Tryinto frighten is cool but not excitin a fool from writin
We be lightin on mics in unison
We meant the Nutramint the lip pours I get looser than big draws
More tits removin bras usin raw metaphors
In twos and fours when I get mines
That means you're losin yours, no (no question)
See I'm the best in sexin a chicks (resection?)
[?] hoards his reflection (what)
But vocal chords pour in form of rhymes
Metaphors are tickets for trips through my mind
I freak first class seats over beats through my horizon
I've been awaitin lovely from last weeks arrivin
The process repeats, got lines for signin
Vibin off my rhymin, describin, live in
Detail is when we prevail and the frail mc's derail
Also leads up to girls even wet
Like I left the toilet seat up
So brother eat up... Eat up...

Yeah, we're doin this for everybody
It's the Visualz
In case you didn't know, I'm gonna tell you who you're seein right now...

Chorus (2X):
Yo, this is who you're seein
Yeshua Da Poed and I'm Siah
Here to take you higher than you ever been

Ideas accumulatin but my mind's constipated
Peels relese the skills in the rhymes activated (demonstrated)
I quote the (vate?) to feel the rap click the weeds I whack
Siah so the seeds I feed to flow through the track
To your mental, I could beat a batter like a baker
Bring in the sweet and sour dough
Inside I gather words the herbs scatter
Raise cadavers crews skedaddle rhymes befuddle
While I pedal over puddles like Atlantic
Then I get specific, and heads be gettin frantic
Pause for a second and you're stranded
Reckon I been wreckin to rock the mic steppin aside
Be the fire see Siah leaves crews passed out like fliers
I'll take you higher than a reverend ever been
Feedin off of heads cause my bretheren be clever, and
My continent is the east Asiatic
Complex grammatic consonants cling like static
To concepts, this is flourescent manifested
All the while I live within a black and white context
It's like that, what

Chorus (4X
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