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Glass Bottom Boat Lyrics

Siah & Yeshua DapoED – Glass Bottom Boat Lyrics

Featuring Ken Boogaloo

Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill that we shall pay
Any price bear any burden meet any hardship support any friend oppose
Any foe to assure the survival and the success of
Hip Hop

Hip hop's commodified so my style is modified
Not to meet the times rhymes written fit between the lines
Ends weave up the trends to make it up art
I'm out for means cause gettin there's the best part
Weekly we get freaky seekin this next porter
For some are and are, I keep a fake plush rutabega
Like real snakes, they wrap around but never enter
Wrappin around my neck but it's never too tight
You might just snap back like a old ass turtle
But I could leap that hurdle like Moses
Peace to E. D. From the We Be Fools that do be free
Droppin stools and jewels upon the M-I-C

The maxilla willa spin a rap to fill your cap
Then split it clean cut like guillotines but still you ask how
I had a illa metta, (hook?)
But since then a caterpillar better offered this now
Fell down to, earth but I fly to counter
Acts be right on out the beach I teach how to
Wrap around heads in the urban like turbans
Founder of the virgin: tight!!
[?] see these fools be truly writin right and
Tools be usually lightin sh-- up
Heads get done better when Ken Boogaloo release the flow
Bust, don't recline, just sit up

[Ken Boogaloo]
We be in the mix, it's time to build
With rhymes I swell skills you get your mind swelled
Design lines filled with logic the objects
That the god gets styles from the burbs to the projects
Universally my verses be touchin kids from nursery
To universities, you heard of me, Boogaloo
Comin off like burglary, personally I murder trees
That leave my eyes burgundy, word to me
So peep the baddest in action apparatuses waxin
Definite satisfaction, heads be fakin jacksons like Janet
Or dots mark planets like Bambaata
The man got to get a sham hotter than an enchilada
No digs I blow wigs with the flow so big
To show kids a demonstration how I'm lacin the nation
Makin' power moves like Ant. Mason
And wastin crowds with the mics I'm embracin
Peep the situation that you're facin
The foolish empire, word, Yeshua can Siah
Oh yes, droppin gems and sapphires
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