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The Cure For Stagnation Lyrics

Siah & Yeshua DapoED – The Cure For Stagnation Lyrics

setting in>
siah: ah
vocals rise
from a localized setting and globalize
yes: check it out
siah: this is how we do it
yes: 1 2

siah: I leap from lily to lily
never set type(?)
funny how i sully the beauty of a valley though often tread light
sunny though money has not begun to rain down on me
It's a brand new day

yes: and we stay makin melodies
yeshua da poed'll be steadily tellin these fellas the time
It's the present if you askin or bask in the sunshine
or just unwind

siah: into a summer time rush
of active kind of spastic actions my elastic faction
got a fraction of this earth sewn up
rest calmly by the beach where we all have grown up

yes: live by rhythms and beats with the microphone clutch
flows zonin in on those that'll touch
I play the background sippin much too much

siah: riffin at such and such
keepin my distance indifferent
but with persistence the paradigm shifts

{siah freestyling/talking in the background}

siah: quietly keepin the peace, replenish our surroundings
yes: drowned in release of breath, in depth oceanside
siah: the deep
both: upon cliffs mad steep
yes: open wide as we glide on the tide
siah: cause it's a constant, despite monstrous uprooting and brooding
beside the ocean, a motion for some order now
nautical audible through recordable cassette
yes: sort of a vet, brain soaking wet, using my jaw to project
in order to set the content correct
siah: so in the table of contents
yes: you know which page to check
siah: prepare the endeavor so i can sever ties quick
and be spied in a remote, quote waterfall cave
plottin the overthrow of the world with some girl
or pumpin propaganda with my sonic brigade
I gotta glisten and glade, my molecular clever
specifically effects intellectual...

yes: ....meanwhile find me either convincing non-believers
or just coolin like a freezer
see i leave a
nuff time for rhyme and leisure
wherever i happen to be, catching the breeze

siah: it's like that
we take you out....
yes: like that
siah: with the good feelings
yes: what it's all about
siah: It's what it's all about in 1998
I said it so many times
buy yo, i keep rhyming off the top of my melon
said we're not gonna compete with it again
but yo, i complete the blend, yeshua da po again
like that full track/ yo i hit you in your whole back
with the called facts opinions
yo i got millions of writtens manhattan beach everybody
yo blaze up to this
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