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Gravity Lyrics

Siah & Yeshua DapoED – Gravity Lyrics

Yeah...Yeshua the Po ED Siah
Wind blows in the intro frontin like I did it
But them elemental forces blessed me with possession
Fraction of my physical action is a tenth
Nine consist of soul but I'm (down by fault)
The span of my arms does not constitute my reach
That's the sideways A of the Y's a few feet
Vertical is 5'4 giving you the two dimensional
Third is the depth that's incomprehensible
Fourth is the time that binds space
Situated in the mind with the rhyme race
Like speed I feed the rhythm ill thoughts
Without a hook and it still gets caught
I scale walls like fish
Bringin the mix from across the river Styx
For decipherin like the matrix
In the annals of rap, I want the dog-eared page
Nothin less than that, plus a whole lot more
And it's hard livin by the mental intersection
Where writer's block is sorta like gridlock, yeah
Bit my connection with the Earth is by night
So 'til my body's terminated I'm a always rhyme tight
It's like that

Gravity, achin like a cavity
Takin its toll, but not controllin my soul
Gravity, aches like a cavity
Takes its toll, but not controllin my soul

Listen and remember, MCs who render empty compositions tender
Stop rappin like Christians at the end of December
Called up science to make a deal
Permittin my defiance at gravity in hip hop
Let's form an alliance, keep me rappin (amidly?)
And you'll be proud guaranteed if you'll only let my shit drop
Pete Morgan demanded me to never harden
Spittin the (intellegular?) but be the regular I beg your pardon
I got a call, on the other line
I reckon your time is precious, so I'll only be a second
With that, I hit that button, it was wife
But she's a bitch, so I switch back, nothing but an interruption
Let's get back to our discussion, is it on?
He said "Bet" and then voices exit
Since then I rip a, rhyme without hesi-tation
As if I, had wings or better
Doing backflips on tightropes it's phat shit that I wrote
And on practice I hang on the factors that I float
Let go, and get so high like my icon be
Ready to check for I.D. to flow beyond me
My jaw, oozin raw rhymes being direct cause
Of Newton's law losing meaning
If there was a chance of history havin me grapple the apple
We wouldn't overstand gravity


Trapped on this planet, I didn't plan it
Stuck to the granite my shells find light
But the light's infinite, looks right into it
I into it, links like sausages
Kinks in my brain, keeping me sane
On a jet plane, or on ethereal planes
Reach the ladder by a former, rhyme rope ladder
Climbin and creatin, rung by line
But an unseen force, plots my course
Down I'm forced, to the ground I slip
and the rhyme rope rips, fingertips are cut
Hands get burnt and I retreat to the hut
You see blisters, turn a boy into a mister
But gravity aches like a cavity
Takes its toll, but not controllin my soul
I hold a hole in my soul to keep it warm in the cold
And in the cold, my winter breath forms words
Literally you see me speak in three dimensional verbs
Intentional swerves, not conventional blurbs
I got forty foes, and roll with forty thieves
Takin beats and breaks and when the Lord Jesus son
And even it come we take flight in the night
With the iron fist, with the iron fist
Defying science...

Chorus (2X
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