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Tru Story Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Tru Story Lyrics

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]
I'm the youngest nigga doing it
I'm the youngest nigga doing it
Shout out the niggas that I came with
Them the same niggas I'm going with
Brought a pair of loafers they ain't on them
Swag getting kind of boring
It's power too the people
But, my young thing foreign
I been dealing drug since a young nigga
You ever sneak your cuz for a gun nigga
Loyalty, hurry up and come nigga
Why these bitches can't just have one nigga?
I grew up with 2Pac, Smith, and Weston
I ain't know no Pac, I was inhaling
At a young age, trynna get paid
Mama working hard, trynna get a raise
Lil' brother stealing cars
He can't ever drive
He said life too hard
He needs a joyride
Moms moved out Maryland
That ain't make it better
My favorite outfit was a mask and a lever
Then Lil Bruh hopped in the cheddar
That's my lil nigga forever
And I was a nigga from the city
So all the Maryland girls got wetter
I got kicked out of high school
Then I got kicked out another one
Then I got kicked out another one
Then I got kicked out another one
Man fuck D.C. schools
I'm taking my ass out Maryland
Then Maryland kicked my ass out
You fucking Terrapins
Watch how I hop off the train into a Bentley
Bitch, I come from nothing just like Oprah Winfrey
Only time I graduated was in Elementary
It was cool being in juvenile penitentiary
My commissary was complementary
Homeboy was too friendly
My niggas ain't send a penny
But, homeboy tray stayed empty
I had a couple tagalongs
Only we could you the phone
One day I tried to write a book
It ended up being a song
I discovered I could rap
That's when I knew it was on
Just a few days left
I couldn't wait for that "Welcome Home"
I came home did a track and went right back
For riding with a strap I ain't bust yet
I told myself fuck that
I'm tired of being a suspect
Now, I know shit that I didn't know
This was about 2 years ago
Oh yeah, I think they hear me now
I'm trynna make them feel me though
So, no more guns in mt videos
It's fucking up my zeros
I can hear the streets crying for help
I'm the neighborhood hero
And a lot of niggas don't like me
They just wanna be like me
I wanna take this line too think God
For not making another nigga like me

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