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Ridin Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Ridin Lyrics

You know what the fuck it is
Glizzly gang nigga mo fucka

All ma niggas like to trap with me
All ma niggas like to jog with me
And all of ma niggas do not ride with me
If shit go down then they go ride for me
You know why cause they ma niggas
All a dem got pistols shit go down and they gon kill you
I be with some niggas, all hitters
Glizzly gang the mob bitch it can't get no realer

[Verse 1:]
The CEO nigga what you know
Bitch i'm from New York free Earl and free Low
We get a lot a dough ma [?] with the bow
I'm ridin for ma brother won't say let me out though
Natural born killer, might put you on the shitter
I don't go nowhere without glizzly by my liver
These niggas just brothers they only talk on twitter
Seen them in person they more friendly that my sister
All my niggas fly, all my niggas high
You get outta line my niggas put you in the sky
All ma niggas trap they be baking pies
Don't know bout your niggas but my niggas down to ride


[Verse 2:]
I can't forget Dae Dae my lil nigga was a savage
Any give day he woulda let you pussy niggas have it
Spent a brick for ma chain so everyday i'm wearing it
Cut the lights off big bling chain karats
I haven't dropped a medal since they dropped the fire bird
Bitch getting on my nerves i’m just tryna cop a bird
Pull up to the club and i’m with ma nigga swerve
We might take your girl but don’t worry we gonn swerve
You never keep the yae where you mother fucking stay
That’s ma nigga A bout dem trips down to the A
I got niggas in the Bay I ain’t never seen they face
I just know they ship the weight then I make sure they get paid


We did this for the area
Yah mean
Boy Dram

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